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Each new state begins with a point / Reshimo, which must be raised from receiving / darkness / sadness into the light / bestowal / joy. The sensation of being distanced from the Creator is the point/ Katnut. If you agree to exist in any condition, the point begins to grow—this is the way to raise Divinity from the dust.

To attain the Creator is to learn His greatness. It can be done only by comparing our qualities, which starts with reducing my mind to zero and not accepting what I may understand. Against my desire, by detracting my self. Because the Creator is a property of complete bestowal.
This is how I approach the Creator.

Equivalence to the Creator is achieved by the desire (will to receive, daat) with the intention to bestow (above reason, for another’s sake). One does not use his own mind, but goes above it. To do so is defined as to work above reason. Desire is the left line. Intention is the right line. Action is the middle line.

If a person understands the need to cancel himself before the Creator, but retains his individual “self” because such is the Creator’s desire—he enters Lishma and turns to the Creator for bestowal, not for self-gratification.
In that case, the Creator gives him both the strength and the intention, the light and the screen.

Parable: The king, wanting to move his treasures, distributed them coin by coin to each of his subjects so that they would carry them to the destination, not yielding to the temptation to steal. Likewise, a person carries his great will for pleasure over the Machsom in parts.
First, he brings in the spark, and then, portion by portion, his desires.

The boundary of the spiritual world, Machsom, is the point of adhesion with the ten, the willingness to cling to the friends, to replace self-importance with their importance, to dissolve in them, to lose one’s “self”—meaning, to cross the Machsom. Detaching from one’s own self and plugging into the ten is passing over the Machsom.

The Creator’s worker does not accept sickness, trouble, or any other obstacle with humility, but rather perceives it as an indication of the necessity to be corrected, in order to achieve a greater special connection with the group, to correct the problem, which is being remote from the Creator—and to achieve adhesion thereby.
From Twitter, 5/14/19

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