Like On A Cinema Screen

laitman_928Question: Does the Creator influence me differently depending on the changes in me? Or does His influence stay the same, but my perception of it changes? Who changes: me or Him?

Answer: In our world, we talk about what a person feels: a change in the weather, the environment, the surrounding society, and everything else.

While Kabbalah explains that everything is inside me: society, humanity, the weather, and everything that happens. But I see it only on the outside, external from me, as different levels of nature.

Therefore, by changing myself inside, I change the world outside. Conversely, to me, the world seems to be outside, so that I, by changing myself, would see the result of my changes.

Just imagine that there is a 360 degree “screen” around me, and on it I see the changes that occur in me at all four levels: speaking, animate, vegetative, and still. These are the four stages of desire that project themselves onto an external “screen,” like in a cinema.

There are two approaches here. Either I, by changing myself, change the world around me for the better. Or I remain the same and the world around me changes in order to force me to change. That is, either the Creator pulls me forward with a positive force or He pushes me from behind with a negative force. I see all this on the “screen” around me.

Question: Then what can be said about the four seasons of the year, which are constantly replace each other?

Answer: These are the four foundations, the four stages of the light, which are reflected in me in the form of the four seasons. Everything is divided into four, five, or ten parts. This is my inner world that is projected outward in this way.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/16/18

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