I Return The Whole World Inside Me


I always direct myself toward “There is none else besides Him,” which is the cause of everything that is happening to me, but I see this imaginary world between myself and the Creator, which gives me all sorts of problems. I have to imagine this world as a reflection of my inner qualities. Depending on my perception of reality, I see my internal qualities outside of me, all around me.

If I see you in front of me, it means you exist inside me as a particular desire with certain qualities. As I correct my external relation to you, I seemingly return you inside me. You are now included in me and I no longer see you on the outside.

In our world, first an embryo develops inside his mother, then is born and gradually grows into an adult. Here the reverse process occurs, returning to the source inward. So we study the inner Torah and penetrate into it.

The whole world that I see from the outside, I need to try to find inside me as my inner qualities. If I see various events in this world, good or bad, then I should try to imagine them inside of me and try to correct the way I relate to them, to change my desire to bestowal. If my desire is aimed at bestowal, then I become similar to the Creator and unite with the Creator into one whole. This is called adhesion.

It is desirable to imagine that the external reality is seen outside of us only due to our inner uncorrected states. But in fact, this reality must be internal. That is why we study the internal part of the Torah, learn that everything is within us and the correction takes place inside a person.

Kabbalah gives us a practical method through which one can correct himself and thus change the world around us, because the world is our projection. This is not philosophy, but the truth. The philosopher is the one who denies it.

What is the point of all our efforts to correct the world? The name “world reformers” is a derogatory one in Kabbalah because instead of changing themselves, they try to change the world around them. It is like children, who think that their game is the truth, and that the real baby is the ragdoll and not a living baby
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/18Writings of Rabash, Vol.2, Article 44

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