In A Group Of Like-Minded People

laitman_947Question: What should I do when extremely strong negative emotions overwhelm me? Such things cannot be discussed in the group, but I can’t keep them to myself, otherwise a deep depression begins. With whom can I discuss this? Truth be told, I am not in a group yet and am studying the first semester online.

Answer: With whom can you discuss such things if you are not in a group? With no one. I do not advise you to talk to anyone on this subject at all because no one will understand you.

You need to be in a permanent group and then, you will be able to discuss this with those friends who study with you, deal with the same problems, and have the same questions as you. It won’t work otherwise.

If you already have a group and a teacher, then you can ask questions and discuss some topics there. The teacher should put you in circles, from time to time, for you to get accustomed to a discussion.

Question: Should a person share his feelings when he is depressed?

Answer: Yes, you can share what you feel. There is nothing wrong with that. We all go through the same states. So, you will not say anything especially new. There will not be any of your personal, heartfelt secrets.

But you can talk about that only in the group, only with those with whom you study, not outside of the group—not with relatives, not at work, or at home.

Question: Where is the boundary of the prohibition for sharing your internal states with each other and discussing a storm of feelings with other new students?

Answer: I cannot tell you this because you still do not understand what levels we are talking about. I believe you must read the first 20 to 30 articles of Rabash, which explain the group work.

It is possible to discuss states of your spiritual development, your spiritual life among yourselves in a group. But only in the group.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/16/18

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