My Thoughts On Twitter 3/10/19

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The crisis of the neoliberal ideological model cannot be resolved! For it doesn’t answer the most important question of human life: “What do we live for?”
What this world has to offer is no longer sufficient. Our needs have outgrown material possessions.
Mankind has reached the ideological impasse …

When you begin to value the Creator’s attitude, you will see that He manifests humility: “Wherever you reveal the greatness of the Creator, you reveal His #humility.” There’s nothing greater than humility—it is a reaction to the Ohr Makif of the Creator, the highest degree, that the upper one rules with love, subjugates before you like a baby.

By humbling myself, when I’m criticized on all sides, I subdue my ego and make space for the Creator, letting Him rule. Humbling, unlike conceding, is seeing the opportunity to subjugate yourself and doing so joyfully, allowing for extra space for the Creator.
(#Zohar lesson, 3/8/19)

Over the last 200 years the standard of living was determined by the growth in labor production. Today, however, regardless of the path the world leaders are choosing, all lead to cataclysms, as there are no more growth stimuli. Egoism has collapsed!
The next stage must be an altruistic growth.

Gradually, it becomes clear to the members of our group that our way of life is necessary for all of humanity. There is no predetermined number of years of study, but the fulfillment of your life with the states of constant advancement of your personal revelations.

Everything that exists, good and evil, has the right to exist, is forbidden to be destroyed, and is intended only to be corrected for the good and to reveal the perfection of the Creator. Therefore beware of even saying that something is unnecessary.
For it humiliates the Creator. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)
From Twitter, 3/10/19

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