Can Spiritual Laws Change?

laitman_548.01Question: Can a created being at the level of the Creator set new laws for itself?

Answer: Neither the created being nor the Creator can establish new laws.

Spiritual laws originated from the fact that in the upper Light, which is the nature of the Creator, a small black point appeared—a property opposite to the Light, and this point began to develop.

The development of this point under the influence of the Light has built all the worlds and everything in them including the soul of Adam and its shattering, and further on to our state. Everything comes from this point, which develops and builds all its changes, metamorphoses, and parts, under the influence of the upper Light.

There is nothing artificial here and nothing can change. Everything can change only in the opposite direction if we, connecting with each other, begin to influence this black point and bring it to the state where it is equivalent to the Light.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/4/2018

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