A Request Is An Expression Of Inner Aspirations

Laitman_177.06Question: How can I ask for the ten if I have no words, where no words are suitable?

Answer: You do not need words. You can just sigh or cry. This is also a request.

A request is an expression of your inner aspirations, of what you think is missing in the ten. Try to put your common desire together as if you were creating some form from clay. Collect it together. This will be your request to the Creator.

Question: Can one just say one of the names of the Creator?

Answer: No names, no mantras, no memorizing of conversational patterns—nothing is needed. You will continue to make mistakes.

You can just sit quietly, each one asking the Creator from their hearts, as you have agreed. Try to do this at least for a couple of minutes; this is a good exercise.

As for the names, when you are already at the upper levels and begin to gather the ten Sefirot, representing some qualitative and quantitative meanings, and you put together a spiritual Partzuf, form your soul, consisting of ten Sefirot, then the general force that is created from such arranged desires will be called the name of the Creator.

There is a certain set of such names, that is, states of the ten that are interconnected. These are the names of the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/4/18

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