See Your Soul Through The Friends

Laitman_524.01Question: It is written (Psalms 1): “…nor sit in the company of scorners.” A person who knows that “scorners” are his internal states now suddenly sees “scorners” in the ten. How should he work with this?

Answer: He should change himself through the group until they look perfect in his eyes. This is his work. Through the friends, he should see his soul, that is, all ten Sefirot.

Comment: You said that in more advanced states, we must sometimes on purpose awaken these “scornful” in ourselves.

My Comment: Not right away. First of all, we need to build the correct system, methodology, and then look within for reserves for fast passage. Then, we will need the negative force too.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/18/18

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