Moments Of Descent

Laitman_165Question: A person who has fallen into the “pit” of his egoism does not believe that he has something in himself associated with bestowal. He sees nothing sacred in himself that would be associated with the Creator. How does one get out of this state?

Answer: There is nothing complicated here. If we have a group and we get used to uplifting ourselves and each other every day before the lesson and during the lesson so that all our qualities, views and connections are controlled and progress us, then we do not need great immense descents. If they do happen, however, practically all of them are manageable.

The descent should last no more than a moment. Not a split second, but just a moment that even does not have a period in time. Immediately, an ascent should emerge from it.

If I am in the field of the group and receive a personal descent, then it passes through me like an electric impulse and immediately the group pulls me out. The general field of the group works on me.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/18/18

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