The Day Of The Creator

laitman_032.06The day of the Creator is the state when a person does not feel any shortage in anything and is ready to remain in this state all his life and beyond, under one condition: that he will always have the desire to bestow to the Creator. And this is without any answer, knowledge, or compensation, just to do something good for the Creator, and no one will know, including the Creator himself, that a man exerted for Him.

And the way to check it is joy, a sense of perfection. This means that a person is already at the end of correction because he wants nothing except this. Such a state is called “The day of the Creator.” Any person, no matter where he is, can imagine and constantly strive for this. Otherwise, it will not be called a day and perfection.1

Discontent is an obstacle to perfection. Everything is measured relative to a person. The way he evaluates his state is how his state is. To want more than what you have is already a luxury. After all, it turns out that you are dissatisfied with what you have received from the Creator. This is a huge obstacle standing in everyone’s way to perfection.

In fact, we are in an ideal state, at the end of correction, in the center of all the upper worlds, in the world of Infinity. All changes occur only within a person. Therefore, if he considers his condition as perfect, then he is already on the spiritual ladder, in a spiritual state.

Therefore, everything depends only on us. We should not wait for something to come from above. We can only ask for our correction; there are not any changes to expect in the upper, outside ourselves. It is only necessary to decide in each state that you are in perfection and want nothing for yourself but only to bestow everything you can. We need to aspire for such a state because this is the truth.2

Once a person feels that the Creator is not good to the created beings, he begins to argue with Him, to accuse Him, even to hate Him. Therefore, we need to strive at every moment with all our strength to see the world as good, the created beings in good states, the Creator bestowing to them all the blessings, and to be able to justify Him in all situations that seem to us inappropriate for a good governance.

We must try to see the world as it appears in the eyes of the Creator and not in our spoiled perception. Meanwhile, everything is forgiven to us, but later on we will see that it is a great crime to condemn the governance of the Creator. You must always strive to be as high-spirited as possible, otherwise you are cursing the Creator, hardening your heart with egoism.

First of all, it is necessary to decide that the Creator is good that does good, and the whole world is in perfection, and we condemn it only to the extent of our corruption.3

If the Creator moves away from a person, then the whole desire for the work of the Creator disappears. And this is called that the Creator turns his back to a person. After all, the face of the Creator is His desire to bring good to the created beings and the back side is quite the opposite. The Creator purposely shows a person His back side so that he or she will aspire to adhesion with the Creator and will not want to remain in a degraded state. It turns out that the face of the Creator is hidden inside the back side.

We need to constantly keep turning the back side of the Creator into the front one and thus to achieve adhesion. The upper one always shows us his opposite side if we are ready to accept it, and we raise the back side to the height of the front side and in this way adhere to the Creator.

Due to this, we ascend together with the AHAP of the upper one. The upper one puts his AHAP into us and we see His other side. And if we grasp it and try to see the face of the upper one in it, then in this way we raise ourselves along with His back side.

In this way we use this elevator every time: the upper one descends to us, and we ascend to Him, He descends, we ascend—in such a zigzag elevation.4

If it were not for the darkness, we would not have a slightest chance to attain the Creator. It is necessary to understand and appreciate this and not to hide from the dark, but to turn darkness into Light. From all the forms of darkness one must see how to adhere to the Creator. One should not neglect the darkness because the whole creation is darkness. The darkness is the creation.

All the forms are in the letters, which are black. And the white color does not add anything except emphasize the darkness, the black letters. Therefore, it is necessary to help each other maintain the spirit in the group and keep up through our  mutual guarantee and mutual support. And it is during the time of darkness that verification is made to what extent we are capable of mutual bestowal and bestowal to the Creator, accepting darkness as Light.

The screen is when I do not care what form I am in, when the main thing for me is to bestow. My degree is measured by the lowest state, the depth of desire to which I am able to plunge into darkness, so that from this stage and on I can begin to bestow.5

The common mistake of beginners is to ask for knowledge, good feeling, filling, because they think that all this should be in the spiritual world. They are waiting for the Light to come and fill their ordinary egoistic Kelim (vessels). But that is not correct. We only need to ask to remain in the same state as it is, but to receive the correction that allows us to perceive this state as perfect.

This will mean that we are in the faith above reason. Everything we have received came from the Creator, and after receiving a correction, we understand that this is the best thing that can be. Our ordinary egoistic desires will not be filled, but above them we want to remain in faith.6
From the Lesson on the Topic: “Concerning above Reason” (Tish) 8/3/18
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