Rising Above The Universe

712.03Question: If we assume that everyone will become a Kabbalist, what will the social structure of society look like? How will we distribute the necessary work, management positions, and the planet’s resources?

Answer: In an absolutely perfect and rational way. Through the thickness of the matter, energy, and information, we will clearly see how to interact with them so that based on this, we will rise higher and higher into the spiritual layers.

Moreover, we will not have any problems. All that is given to us in the material and in the spiritual world, we will realize optimally.

Question: What will the main law of justice be then?

Answer: The main law is an absolutely equal attitude to all the levels of nature in our world and in the spiritual world, as to the Creator.

Question: Does it mean that no ecological catastrophe can occur here?

Answer: No! If only we could imagine what was prepared for us in this case! It really elevates a person over the entire universe.

We exist in this state even now. It is only to bring us to it in a real and sensible way, with our desires, that we are given a sense of the opposite state—our present world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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