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By correcting egoism, we see the world improve.
How will “the wolf dwell with the lamb”? If man corrects himself, he’ll see that since the world is a projection of his qualities.

Correcting the world is a false approach. Correct yourself and the world will be corrected!

We think we have to correct the world. But the world is our projection. By changing it instead of us, the world becomes worse, being a reflection of our ego. Looking at the world, we see us in the mirror. The world, our reflection, is there for us to check how corrected we are.

The world’s the Creator, we’re inside it
He determines, acts and fills everything
We see our imperfection on His background
The goal, attaining perfection, means attaining His qualities
We ask the Creator for self-correction not for us, but so we won’t curse him for the ugly world.

We change the world to suit our ego, but the world is a projection of our qualities. It’s here so that by changing himself, man will see results in the world. When we correct the world instead of the ego, we grow the ego until it forces us to correct it instead of the world.

The way the heart valve lets blood go through,
So my screen lets the light through.
But the pressure rises…
#Wisdom #quotes

A month before the new year, one must prepare for prayer so one’s mouth and heart are together in the request to be recorded in the Book of Life—in adhesion with the Creator through equivalence of form with Him in the quality of total bestowal, self-annulment. Then the New Year comes.

The environment can put me at odds with the Creator by putting me at odds with myself. This is why I don’t like the environment, but I must accept its rule over me if I wish to accept the Creator’s rule over me instead of my egoism’s rule over me.

The Creator fills the group. Hence we can feel Him by uniting with the group. Otherwise the sense to perceive the Creator does not emerge.

The Creator corrects personal requests by not responding and compelling us to understand the need to turn to the group and turn to Him together.

Restriction Tzimzum Aleph is when one stops thinking of oneself.
Masach is when one starts thinking about the Creator.
Aviut of Masach is how much I can bestow from myself (above myself) to the Creator.
Reflected Light Ohr Hozer is the ability to bestow, faith above reason, bestowal above reception.

If a person wishes to improve in order to benefit himself—he receives even greater revelation of his flaws.
But if he values himself to benefit the Creator, he receives the light of correction.

Laitman says Bogner “truly wants to explore the authentic wisdom of #Kabbalah” and “to find the essence and #purpose of life—to understand why we live and what is our role in life, and how it relates to humanity’s past, present and #future.” #Evolution

From Twitter, 8/29/18

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