Kabbalah Knowledge And Corporeal Values

Laitman_632.3Question: Does knowledge we receive from Kabbalah devalue universal human values, such as children, life, self-sacrifice, etc.?

Answer: Yes. Kabbalah explains that in our world all the movements from one person toward another, toward oneself and even toward the Creator are completely egoistic. So what? Why should we remain in a rose-colored mist?

Question: Kabbalah states that there is one value in the world: attainment of the Creator. Is everything else substantially lower in value?

Answer: Of course, after all the Creator is the quality of bestowal and love.

Question: Is it possible to apply this quality to children, society, life, to all these values?

Answer: Partially. If through them you want to spread the quality of bestowal and love to everyone, then, in general, you attain the root of this quality, which is called the Creator. Through them you can express your attitude to the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 03/18/2018

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