The Path Of The Soul And Corporeal Life

Laitman_725.jpgQuestion: The path of the soul is the opposite of what we do in our world. A problem arises: the values of our world seem to be depreciating, but we must live and we must solve problems precisely according to the principles of our world. It is very difficult to switch. What would you suggest?

Answer: As you study Kabbalah, you will see that everything that exists in our world helps us and directs us toward attainment of the higher spiritual goal, so that you, while still in this world, will discover the upper world, the soul, and will begin to feel you exist in an eternal and perfect space.

Therefore, I advise you to continue, despite any problems. And most importantly, if you want to advance, you should be with us in our daily Kabbalah lessons at least one of the three hours of the lesson. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in real time; you can study the lessons from the recordings. These lessons give a person the same amount of higher energy that is necessary for the development of the soul from that point of asking about the meaning of life.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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