Everything Is An Opportunity To Correct Our Desires

laitman_209Everything happening in the world comes to us in order to give us the opportunity to correct our desires.

All anxieties, fears, uncertainties, helplessness, our experiences that arise from the disorder that exists in every part of this life—personal problems, family, or national concerns—can be solved only by drawing the Creator closer to us.

In every revelation of evil, we must see an invitation to correction and connection between us to such an extent that the upper force is revealed in our connection with ever-increasing strength.

This is how our shattered desires manifest in all possible forms, appearing to us as problems happening to us personally, to the group, and to the world. Correcting them can only be done through unity in the group and revealing the Creator within it.

In this entire work there is but one goal: to understand that everything comes from the Creator in order for us to unite even more and through our unity to correct all problems. In other words, the problems must serve as means for strengthening our unity, and then we will be grateful for all the misfortunes as blessings. It is because they are really blessings—there is nothing bad in the world of the Creator, only good.

We need to see ourselves as engaging in an internal battle with ourselves so that nothing confuses us or leads us astray from the straight path, with the understanding that everything comes from the Creator and with the desire to connect with Him above all problems. After all, connection with the Creator is more important to us than any hindrance.

Unpleasant experiences must leave their traces within us, otherwise no revelation will occur above them. Similar to the way energy is revealed in an electric circuit only through resistance, everything is built on resistance, all components of the electrical circuit: condenser, coil, resistor. And within a person’s body everything is also built on resistance, above which connection is formed.

Suffering comes when I cannot connect them with the group and inside it with the Creator. This is the path of suffering. If, however, I connect all disturbances to our connection and with the Creator, then it is the path of correction.

I alone now decide which way to go: to remain in turmoil and cry, or the opposite, to correctly utilize all disturbances, connect them with the group and the Creator, and bless the Creator for revealing all that requires correction. By this correction we can avoid any danger, even global war. Everything depends on us and we will accomplish this.

There will be no suffering, as it is written: “Look upon them and they turn into a pile of bones.” After all, they are only an illusion; we are being frightened by shadows. Everything comes from the Creator and we are the ones to blame if we cannot turn it into good. Everything is in our hands, you have no idea what immense spiritual power is within us.1

The law of mutual guarantee is a very serious, strict, realistic law. It speaks of a mutual Kli, a vessel, which must be whole. In this whole vessel are all the desires created by the Creator, but some belong to the head and others to the body. If one part of the vessel corrects itself, then by this, it draws all other parts to itself, which also begin to be corrected.

Therefore each individual who received the opportunity to approach the correction of the world, humanity, and the soul, and to the revelation of the Creator, must value it. After all, a joyous opportunity was offered to him or her to actively participate in the building of the eternal and perfect spiritual vessel of the collective soul.

Mutual guarantee connects us to each other through thousands of fine threads. That is how each cell in the body is connected with the entire body. It is possible to build an entire human being from one cell, one genome. And where are there arms, legs, brain, heart, or any of its personal, inner, characteristics in the cell?

But if we delve deeper, we will see that it is not matter within a cell, but spirit. In each element of the body there is a spiritual gene, which contains information about the entire body—not only the body, but the entire creation. We are connected to each other and want the Creator to bring all these connections to life. He shattered them, then let Him fix them. And He is ready to bring them to life, but only in response to our request. As soon as we feel this need and turn to the Creator, He will immediately do it. It turns out that what we need is not mutual guarantee itself, but for the Creator to be revealed with it.2
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/18
1 “Strengthening in “There is None Else Besides Him”
2 Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) ”

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