Becoming Strong And Independent

908Question: What advice can a Kabbalist give to build a successful connection between parents and children?

Answer: It depends on the situation in which the child is being raised. He should not be in antagonism with his environment. A child should know that the family supports him as much as possible, gives him confidence, protection, and will always be behind him.

Then he will become a strong person. Surprisingly, exactly when he feels that a good family and love are behind him, he grows up to be brave.

This is a paradox that is especially noticeable in Israel: Here children are brought up very gently and later they are not afraid of anything, not in the army or during the war, which cannot be said about Arab children, who are brought up extremely harshly. This is how the psychology of the various layers of society manifests.

Give children maximum love and sensitivity and you will see that they become strong and independent.

Question: Wouldn’t this turn them into little egoistic bandits?

Answer: No, love and softness are not permissiveness. This does not mean that children do not have any framework. After all, you educate them, give them everything necessary for education, but at the same time you support them and they clearly know they have support behind them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/29/2018

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  1. I agree. Ongoing research in behavioral science suppports this information. This is also found in ancient wisdom, biblical stories, and modern ( 19 century -21 century ) scientific empirical research .

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