What Is A Kabbalist’s Attitude To Everyday Life?

Laitman_036Question: What is a Kabbalist’s attitude to everyday life and its luxuries?

Answer: A Kabbalist is an ordinary person. He wants everything around him to be arranged in a simple and convenient way. I saw this both in my teacher and in other Kabbalists. They did not have anything superfluous: simple healthy food, simple furniture, comfortable clothes.

At the same time, a Kabbalist does not impose any restrictions on himself. He has everything a person needs: food, sex, family, work, etc. It is absolutely forbidden to deny yourself of the elementary filling of our world, because doing so you would stop the implementation of the program of creation. You must live a full life simultaneously in both worlds: material and spiritual.

Question: Does it mean that if the Creator gave me a lot of pleasures, then I should try everything?

Answer: No. You must take from this world what is needed to function normally and to attain the upper world. The upper world is the goal, and this world is the means to achieve the goal.

Question: That is, I myself decide, depending on my moral level, what I need?

Answer: Only if you do not harm others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

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