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#Kabbalah is a science about forces of nature that manage the world, and how man can reveal/attain them
In us, these forces operate as male and female inclinations
The 3rd force, incorporating + and – is the Creator, the higher illumination, the middle line. We reveal it between us.

#Science reveals the laws of matter. But where is antimatter expressed, where does it annihilate with matter?
Kabbalah: Matter is the will to receive, ego. We must reveal the opposite, #altruistic antimatter, and upon the interaction between the two, we’ll sense the upper world.

Everything people do is a subconscious attempt of self-expression, expression of the need to become similar to the Creator. This is what drives people and it’s the foundation of art—the need to come closer to creativity, the Creator, creation.
Hence, all roads lead to Kabbalah!

True #art will enable man to create within him all forms that aren’t expressed in matter. Through it, he will reach adhesion with the Upper Force. His spiritual works are similar to the Creator’s works. Thus, we attain the Creator as a master artist who created the world and us.

The role of art is to develop our ability to create from spiritual matter. Our matter is the will to receive. By limiting it, we create the form of bestowal. Thus I create the Creator’s form out of myself—a desire clothed in the intention to bestow. This form is called Man/Adam

I would expect them to show examples of the tendency to unite above differences, that a kind, loving and caring attitude to others above all the primal divisive urges is what defines #Jews at their nucleus. #NataliePortman (My full article on @BINAlerts  … )

It stems from sheer self-interest, and it’s why I’m not interested in dealing with it. If we’re speaking about Jewish people in the entertainment industry, then I would expect them to portray an authentic representation of the Jewish essence. #NataliePortman

Backed by the immense material strength of an audacious industry, actors ride controversial #media trends, mostly political ones, showing support or opposition to one of the sides, in order to create buzz and empower their public image. #entertainment

#Life is the sensation of desire encountering pleasure, like the first sip of water by a desperately thirsty person. But when the desire is filled, the pleasure disappears.
Hence, eternal pleasure, eternal life, is built upon fulfillment of intention, not desire.

Whether the world is felt as horrible or beautiful depends on the qualities of the observer.
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We feel the world in the egoistic desire “to receive.”
If we switch to the desire “to bestow,” our perception of the world will change and we’ll see smiles.
Nature will manifest as total good.

Don’t regret any thoughts/feelings. What matters is your aspiration. One must alter intentions, constantly improving them. If intentions are correct, don’t check the thought/desire. The only useful act is to change the intention: whom do I intend to benefit—myself or the Creator?

To control destiny, one must rise above destiny, to the force that controls #destiny.
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There are only two authorities—authorities of love,
One is the authority of love for myself, and the other is the authority of love for others.
I am between them—a small point
Not an easy choice…

There won’t be suffering if “Look at them and they’ll turn into a pile of bones.” Everything is an illusion, shadows scaring us. Everything comes from the Creator and it’s our fault if we can’t turn it into #goodness. We must realize what a huge spiritual #force we have inside us.

Towards the friend’s heart, I pave a path to the upper world
To the friend, it’s corporeal
To me, it’s spiritual.
Connecting the worlds.
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I choose the path: to blame the Creator or thank Him for revelation of evil, which I correct—even the threat of a world war.

The path of suffering is if I can’t connect them to the group and the Creator inside it.
If I connect disturbances with unity and the Creator, it’s the path of correction.

An overall economic recession is underway. Living standards are falling. Many industries are operating at a loss. Our incomes are reverting to the mid-20th c.
Development can occur if there’s a spiritual component. When it matches the corporeal one, corporeality can then grow.
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