My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/27/18

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He who makes #peace above will make peace among us.

Differences can’t be annulled on the level of our world.
They descend from above.
The branch of the upper root is in our world,
We’re like Don Quixote fighting windmills.
We must change our behavior in the upper root,
The result will descend.

What differentiates love for oneself from egoism?
Love for oneself isn’t egoism. It’s love for your goal, which you can attain in your life now only through connection with others.
How should my love for myself be expressed?
Through love for others as yourself.
#LOVE #Motivation

The root of fear encompasses lack of sensation of the Creator, light, which is meant to fill my desire but for whatever reason doesn’t fill it yet. Then my empty desire feels fear. So fear is the sensation of lack of fulfillment that I am meant to have.

Creator is revealed—fear disappears,
I’m absolutely confident, absolutely fulfilled!
But now that fear is sorely missing…

The world is in despair:
It will gain reason and strength
Only by uniting…
#Motivation #quotesoftheday”
From Twitter, 4/27/18

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