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Now do you look inside yourself?
Look at the friends and feel your reaction.
This is called “looking inside yourself”
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We don’t change the desire or the action,
But only the intention
For who’s sake.

The upper world is called opposite:
There, we don’t fight each other, but ourselves.
We don’t feel ourselves, but others…

The world isn’t difficult to correct
If you try to always
See the Creator through it.

All tragedies happen when we don’t keep up with correcting the desires being revealed for correction. The broken desires that are revealed are corrected by our work of unity and prayer. If we don’t do this, we evoke suffering in the Creator and in us.
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Spiritual ego is revealed when a person wants to correct his attitude to the Creator, to others. Then, in the aspiration to love others, he reveals the opposite form: he loves only himself.
According to one’s patience in realization of evil, he annuls the ego and turns it into love.

Rising above egoism,
We’ll connect to the common memory
And will start to understand one another

This memory is nature or the Creator
Where movement is infinite;
It’s the Soul!
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From Twitter, 4/28/18

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