Where Does The Program Of Development Lead Us? Part 3

laitman_941Question: How will connecting into the circle affect the feelings of the people and bring them happiness and satisfaction?

Answer: In the connection between themselves, people will feel life on a higher level, above this entire world, as it is written, “You will see your world in this life.”

While living in the physical body in this world we attain a sensation of a new reality and right away start feeling a new degree, above our body, beyond it. Thus we transition from the sensations of this world to the sensation of the upper world.

Eventually our body fulfills its purpose and dies, like any other animal, yet the human within us already reaches the spiritual life. That is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah, to which a person cannot come by himself. We need to obtain this method from Above, from the next degree.

Question: If eventually one has to reach a spiritual life, why do we have to go though such a long process of development in this world in physical bodies?

Answer: We have to attain a spiritual degree by ourselves. If we were to develop toward it naturally, intuitively, like the vegetative from the still or the animate from the vegetative, we would  have remained inside nature. Man has the possibility to go against his nature and build something that contradicts it.

The entire nature is egoistic, in it each exists only for his or her sake. We want to reveal a new form of existence, opposite to our former nature. This is a so-called spiritual and it is the form of man, Adam, as it is similar to (Domeh) to the upper force of nature, which is pure bestowal and love.

Question: What is the relationship between the reality we feel now and the spiritual state that should clothe us? Will we continue to live a regular life in this world?

Answer: This is an absolutely different form of existence, in different dimensions. It is eternal and perfect, beyond any restrictions and boundaries. This form is mentioned in cosmology and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Science slightly touches the concepts that are beyond time, movement, and space. Human psychology is freed from all these restrictions and we transition to a new psychology: from introvert to extravert, to the sensations outside us.

Question: Speaking of the future state of humanity, how will people relate to each other after they connect?

Answer: Everybody will treat others absolutely like himself. It will be a form of a circle, in which all are equal.

Question: How is it possible if we are not equal; every person is unique.

Answer: Everyone is unique by nature, but we reach a universal equality because we love each other, each according to his or her abilities.

Question: Humanity has been talking about love of thy neighbor for thousands of years, but it hasn’t materialized yet. How is Kabbalah going to make it a reality?

Answer: It’s true, the idea of loving thy neighbor has been around for the past six thousand years. But in our time, we have reached complete disappointment with our development, our existence on this earth. And now people are starting to ask, “What are we living for and why?”

If previously a person used to be preoccupied with what to buy and acquire, nowadays he asks about the meaning of his or her life. In the face of full material abundance, people feel disappointment and emptiness, which further locks them inside themselves and brings further separation. The future form of humanity is fully connected and integral, which is directly opposite to what we have today.

And that is why the method that attracts a special external force, what is called the Light that Reforms, the force of Light that starts working upon us and solders us with each other.

All that a person needs to know today is how everyone can connect together in order to reveal the upper dimension. Humanity has to enter it and be born in a new world. That is why the word “crisis” translates as “birth.”
From the TV Program “A New Life”,  09/06/2016

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