The Bible Turned Into A Comic Book

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (The Guardian):Christian publisher Kingstone has been working on the project for seven years, using more than 45 illustrators to pull together what it is calling ‘the most complete graphic-novel adaptation of the Bible ever published’, …

“Art Ayris, the founder of Kingstone, says the publisher plumped for the comics format because ‘the interplay of text and images allows one to convey a large amount of content in an abbreviated form’.”

My Comment: People interpret the Torah according to their perception of the world, as a story taking place on Earth. It is difficult to imagine that the Torah is speaking about an energy field, its influence on us, and how we are changed under its influence from being diametrically opposed to this field until we become absolutely like it.

We consist of a desire to receive pleasure; this desire is composed of 613 parts. They are corrected from a desire to receive pleasure to a desire to bestow pleasure to others through the upper force, called the Upper Light, which is also composed of 613 Lights.

In general, this Upper Light is called Torah, and the correction of desires is called keeping the Mitzvot (commandments). The Torah speaks only about the correction of the 613 desires. To the degree of their correction, a person begins to feel the surrounding with new properties, and this is called discovering the Upper World.

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