How Many People Are Needed To Correct The World?

Laitman_004Question: The Creator created an immense desire to receive that is clothed inside the approximately seven billion people who exist in the world today. Could it be that He would be clothed in only a few thousand people or even fewer, as Baal HaSulam writes in his article, “The Last Generation?” Does it make any difference how many biological bodies will lead to the correction of the desire to receive? Or are ten people enough?

Answer: Yes. The most important thing is that the ten people would be the epitome of universal egoism; in other words, the egoism of all of humanity (billions of people) would be concentrated in these ten, which would gather together, neutralize this egoism, and join together into one coherent whole. This state is called Adam, the one common soul.

Understandably, it would be more complicated and difficult to correct the egoism when it is concentrated in ten people than when it is clothed in billions. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is specifically calling us today to come to correction.

After a future Third World War, it would be much worse. Even though the suffering that war brings with it would compel people to unite, freedom of choice would still exist. We would have the problem of how to bring everyone to a decision to unite. For this reason, we must engage in correction today.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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