“The Wave Of Globalization: Slowdown Or Reversal?”

laitman_626In the News (VestiFinance): “The wave of globalization that has swept the world a few years ago, has now changed its direction. And this is very important. This is closely linked with the state of the world economy and the politics of Western countries.

“Globalization has reached the maximum level, and in some areas is declining. …

“Globalization no longer leads to the growth of the world economy. …

“The slowdown of globalization is partly due to the fact that many opportunities have if not disappeared completely, at least have drastically been reduced. …

“The growth of xenophobic attitudes and trade slowdown – are factors that are likely to lead to a decrease in foreign direct investment growth.

“Political measures support globalization less. In the US, this is particularly noticeable, as it is in the midst of the presidential election campaigns. …

“All of the important representatives of the Western world, it seems, no longer believe that trade growth will yield profit. …

“Globalization has slowed. Maybe the reverse process is starting? Many analysts believe that, yes, it is. …

“Globalization should not be a scapegoat, the culprit for all the troubles of our time, experts say.

“Nevertheless, at the moment, the processes of globalization stalled, while there is a chance that it will start the reverse processes in the global economy.

“A stimulation of globalization requires different internal and external measures, other than those that applied in the past.

“The future of globalization depends on the skilful and wise leadership.”

My Comment: Globalization requires a new basis of a united society above all the factors that divide it, a unified basis of nations and states. This is not a philosophy, but the requirement of nature, which means that the natural objective evolution of human society has brought us to acknowledge the need to become one unified society.

We cannot withdraw from here, because this is the law of nature and if we don’t keep it, it will lead to troubles and disasters.

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