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laitman_426In the News (inosmi.ru): “Europe – this is not a monolith, but a conglomerate. Being European – means to take care of the fragments, of which we as a nation make a huge and amazing European mosaic. Many of these pieces have a national pan-European roots. That is why Europe must be united.

“It is well known to anyone who has a basic knowledge of geology, conglomerates do not break. Their components are held by a common binder. The binder of European civilization – a shared history, common values and similar institutions whose origins lie in antiquity, Christianity and the Enlightenment.”

My Comment: When we speak about unity in our world, we think that this will lead to the obliteration of individuality and to the disappearance of nations, people, races, religions, and other individual differences between us.

However, this opinion arises in us because we wish to solve the problem of unity on the same level as today’s disagreements.

Kabbalah offers a different solution: unity should take place above our egoism, without affecting our corporeal differences but only nullifying their egoistic use. As Baal HaSulam writes, we have no right to destroy the smallest distinctive features of each individual and of each nation, because this is what gives us strength and power in the fusion of differences.

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