“The Decay Of The Ghost Is Haunting Europe”

Laitman_408In the News (Lenta.ru): “Chairman of the Council of Europe spoke about the EU’s ‘ghost decay’:

“‘More and more EU citizens feel a sense of Euro-skepticism or even Euro-pessimism.’ stated the head of the European Council Donald Tusk.

“‘The collapse of the specter is haunting Europe, and the idea of a federation does not seem to me the best answer to this’ – he said, speaking at a meeting of European People’s Party politicians in Luxembourg.

“Tusk also said that European policies have been absorbed by the idea of European integration and have not noticed that ordinary people do not share their enthusiasm.”

Answer: The one -sided union of the continent should not have started without the preparation and teaching of the people to unite above all the age-old dissensions and contradictions! But who listens to the Kabbalists!

And now comes a many-sided crash. The action of the script of Beito (in its time) triggered by the development from Above of the evil egoistic forces, without any easing of good altruistic force—because there is no one in Europe to bring it into the European community.

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