Life Beyond The Boundaries Of Birth And Death, Part 2

Laitman_712_03The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that our life is organized in a special way. On one hand we live in a physical body on the animal level, like all animals, with a limited number of years. But during our existence on this planet we receive an amazing opportunity to reach a higher degree of man, Adam, (Domeh – meaning similar) to the upper world that is eternal and perfect.

We can do it if we rise above our material body and start building a spiritual body, meaning a spiritual degree. The spiritual body is completely opposite to how we perceive ourselves today. It is really spiritual, that is, a force without matter. This force is built on the basis that we begin to treat each other completely differently than now.

Now we treat each other egoistically. Even love that we have for families and children is egoistic. After all, we love them because they are close to us and we feel our dependence on them. But if we can build an attitude to reality that is opposite to our egoism, we will begin to acquire the second force, the force of love and bestowal to others, and feel a new reality in it that is a network of connections.

If I come to the environment without the intention to use everyone maximally for my own benefit but change my attitude so that everyone would feel equally good, I see a different world, a world that is united, where all are connected with each other, with the force of love, unity, and mutual bestowal acting between us. And then I can change my perception, my system of thinking and evaluation, and feel myself existing in another world.

If my attitude, my way of thinking, and my perception change, I will see another reality. If I treat the entire world: stones, plants, animals, and humans as myself, seeing them as a unified system, then they all will become close to me. I will feel that I depend on them and they depend on me.

Suddenly I will stop feeling time because the flow of time is a fulfillment of some deficiencies, and I won’t have them anymore. I won’t need anything; all my needs will be in other people only. The concepts of time and space disappear. After all, space is defined by the distance between me and someone else, calculated according to how much I can receive from him for my own benefit.

And now it turns out that the opposite is true, I don’t care whose desire this is: mine, yours, hers…. When I don’t look at the world egoistically, the world begins to change dramatically. My perception of reality changes and I see what Kabbalists call the upper world.

If I treat everyone this way, I feel my body less and less, this animal inside, which is now my “I”. And even if this animal dies, the way it is accustomed in bodies, I won’t feel any loss. This is because I am already connected to everyone and live within them. I don’t live inside of my animal body taking care of it, but I am spread between all.

This new perception of the world through the power of bestowal and love presents a life on the degree called the upper world, eternal life outside of the body. The wisdom of Kabbalah gives us this opportunity by inviting us to engage in such a system of connection and reveal the upper world that is concealed from us now.

It is invisible until we acquire the qualities of bestowal and love. However, it actually exists here, next to us. There are people in our world who, while living in bodies like ours, feel a different connection between all the people: bestowal, endowment, and love.

This method was developed by Abraham and passed to the group of people gathered around him who later called themselves the people of Israel. Israel means straight to the Creator (Yashar-El), meaning our relationships, upbringing, and interaction are directed to the degree that is higher than our current life.

We must reach the degree of the spiritual world here and now, while we exist in the animal body, and so it is written, “You will see your world in this life.” And then a person feels that he has exited the limitations of his body and now lives eternal life. The spiritual world is right here; we just need to feel it!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/5/16

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