Controlling Reality During Our Lifetime

Laitman_709Question: If the world is the way I perceive it in my attributes, what will happen to it when I die?

Answer: We have to try to change reality before we die. When a person dies he is released from the perception of reality in his physical senses.

If he hasn’t acquired the feeling of another reality by then and hasn’t begun to perceive it according to his freewill, he has no other reality. Therefore, he has to return to this world, to the same state, and he gets another chance to attain control of his reality during his lifetime.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, if a person transcends the perception of reality inside himself and tries to be inside the others, he begins to see the world through them and then the picture that he sees is called the upper world. It is because he sees it in senses of bestowal and not of receiving, through the eyes of love, not hate.

Start to ascend above your body according to the condition of “love thy friend as thyself” and you will see a reality that is external to you. It isn’t the same world that you perceive inside you through your five corporeal senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. You ascend above them and feel reality that is external to you the way it actually is, in its true form.

Until then you perceive every object inside you in the way is depicted by your feelings and emotions, but if you ascend above yourself, you transcend the limits of your body and perceive everything the way it is. This means that you feel the upper spiritual world.
From the Radio Program Israeli 103FM 2/8/15

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