Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): “As European Union leaders head to a summit meeting Thursday, they face a crisis that could be even harder to fix than the region’s debt problems: Europeans are losing trust in the EU itself and the benefits of unifying the region. …

“EU officials and many analysts say the medicine must include centralizing more policy-making in Brussels. But European voters appear less and less open to that, creating political tensions that are breaking into the open. …

”Even the traditionally pro-EU Netherlands is souring on European integration, with the country’s governing coalition declaring last week that the EU goal of “ever-closer union” should be buried.

“No country that has the euro wants to leave it, according to opinion polls, and only in Britain is there strong political or public support for leaving the EU. But across the continent, the EU’s low public standing is depleting support for strengthening its institutions.”

My Comment: Europe has become obsolete, and if there is no integral education, the EU will disintegrate and Europe will dissolve in immigrants. Euroscepticism is justified!

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