“Evil” Doesn’t Look Good…

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn spiritual work nothing goes smoothly. If you advance seriously then the ego will grow and will show you your true nature all the time. So how can you feel good along with this? Therefore the importance of the society and support from the collective are compulsory; they always go back and say: “This is magnificent that we feel ourselves in a form like this and that our terrible nature is revealed to us!”

And this is not an erosion of the self, it is because you are working on yourselves and therefore it is revealed to you that you can do this, you can ascend. On the contrary, you need to be happy about this.

Question: How long will there be evil?

Answer: Until this “evil” seems good to you.

It is bad for you now because your ego is very close to you, you love it, and when it feels a deficiency in itself, then this is bad to you. But when you are detached from it, the feeling of deficiency in it will seem like something good to you since you are passing from the characteristic of evil to the characteristic of bestowal and adhering to it, then you will be happy.

So the feeling of emptiness within the ego will become greater and greater. And all the time you will feel: “Oh, even worse!” as long as you don’t push yourself away from it again in the direction of bestowal. And that is how we swing like a pendulum, left, right, left, right.

Now it is bad for you because you identify yourself with your ego. So look at it from the side. So it will suffer; but you, your “I,” is not found in it.

You need to enjoy and be happy because spiritual happiness appears when emptiness and troubles are discovered within the ego. Otherwise you would not detach from it! If they were to give you some kind of pleasure within the ego, you would simply adhere to it.

For what are they giving you all these negative feelings? This is only to help you become detached from it. Draw the right psychological conclusions from this: Life hits us from all directions like pesky little animals so that we will gradually begin to understand that we must leave our egoistic nature.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13, Lesson 3

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