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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What actions can we perform in order to the draw the Light that Reforms more strongly?

Answer: The Surrounding Light is the revelations of the Inner Light, in ten Sefirot that complement one another. This means that every Sefira is incorporated in all the ten. Therefore there should be ten friends who connect. Thus everyone includes all the others inside him. Ten friends live inside me. Now they are all together. 10 x 10 make up a whole vessel.

Then in their connection “above reason,” above their ego, the Inner Light is revealed. The Aviut (thickness) remains below, the Returning Light (Ohr Hozer) above and in this Returning Light there is a revelation of a new degree, Direct Light (Ohr Yashar).

We have not attained such a state yet and are at the lowest point. Our job is to organize and arrange the right connections between us so that the Inner Light is revealed in us as Surrounding Light. The Surrounding Light includes the Light of Hochma that is dressed in the Light of Hassadim since it is the same Light that shines in our upper Partzuf, which we will arrive at soon.

We have to try to reach the same corrected form in which everyone is incorporated in everyone. This is called yearning for the love of the created beings. Such a connection, mutual incorporation of one desire in the other, a desire to fill all the strange deficiencies, is called love of others, love of the created beings. This is what we should yearn for, since by that we attain the love of the Creator. When the Direct Light shines and is revealed in the Returning Light, it gives us a feeling that we have attained connection, unity, and adhesion with the upper force of bestowal, which is called the “Creator.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/30/13, Writings of Rabash

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