Europe Is Falling Apart

laitman_273_02In the News (LeMonde): “At a time when Europe is disintegrating, hanging in the air is a scent of nostalgia, the twilight remembrance of a time we thought immutable. The announced death of Europe, like the end of empires, fell without being beware. The old continent is found in the world of Austrian Jewish writer Stefan Zweig, haunted by the Austro-Hungarian grandeur before 1914. ‘It was the golden age of safety,’ Zweig wrote in Le Monde yesterday. … ‘Everything in our Austrian monarchy, almost a millennia, seemed based on that duration and the state itself seemed the supreme guarantor of this continuity … Nobody believed in wars, revolutions and upheavals. Any extreme event, violence, seemed almost impossible because of an era.’

“A century later, safety flew. Unreason prevails. The European Golden Age is over. Its promise of prosperity, embodied by the euro, the gold standard of the twenty-first century, is belied by the ongoing crises and mass unemployment; its political ambition, to forge a ‘union ever closer between European peoples’, as stipulated in the Treaty of Rome in 1957, smashes the rise of populism and the threat of [Britain’s exit from the EU] and extension of the French ‘no’ in the 2005 referendum; Its message of peace is belied by the return of foreign war (Syria, Russia) and interior, with Islamist terrorism.”

My Comment: I don’t have a malicious joy at seeing the predictions I made more than a decade ago, which were even published in this blog, coming true. I translate what the wisdom of Kabbalah says about what is happening, and the wisdom says there is a different path of development. But it depends on the unity of the Jews in Israel, Europe, and the world.

Because only by the unity of the Jews, as required by Kabbalah, is the unifying force revealed in the world and it enables us to integrate! The more the Jews reject the idea of unity, the world will show a growing hatred toward them, up to a new Holocaust.

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