New Life #596 – Hatred Destroys, Love Builds

New Life #596 – Hatred Destroys, Love Builds
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

There is an upper force in the world that is good and benevolent, loving and giving, which has created a force that is opposite to it, which is evil, full of hatred, and takes instead of gives. Evil means a negative attitude toward others, enjoying harming others, which is unfounded hate.


There is a cycle of the good force and the evil force in nature, one force rules and then the other. Hatred leads to separation, to detachment; it ruins and destroys.

Our feelings and our relationships affect all of reality, and the stronger a force is the more concealed it is.

Information, for example, has enormous power. Nature is full of concealed information; we only know a very small fraction of it. We live in a home we don’t know. It is like walking around in a dark castle. Darkness stems from hatred since hatred closes us inside ourselves and we don’t see 99% of nature.

Therefore, we don’t need anything but love, by which we will connect all the parts of reality to us. People are on the highest level in nature, which is totally integral, but we affect it badly. We can sense the good force that can dwell among people in different connecting exercises like connecting workshops and discussion circles.
From KabTV’s “New Life #596 – Hatred Destroys, Love Builds,” 7/9/15

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  1. I tried lot with kindness and love, and it didn’t work. Sometimes we have to keep distance from the hard people for not being disappointed from the humanity. Am I right?

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