Enclosed In A Unified System

Dr. Michael LaitmanTorah, “Numbers,” 35:26 – 35:27: But if the murderer goes beyond the border of the city of refuge to which he had fled, and the blood avenger finds him outside the limits of his city of refuge, and the blood avenger slays the murderer, he has no blood.

This tells us how a man can protect himself from his internal harmful forces. He has to hide in the correct relationships between people and not leave them in any case.

And if he drifts out of the social framework that supports him in the mutual guarantee, then he loses connection with it and goes beyond the border of so-called city.

Then he is in danger, his egoism starts killing him. And this is the blood avenger that constantly follows him. That is why he must not run away from the city where he can protect himself.

In other words, a man represents a whole universe. There are desires in him that he can correct and then he lives freely everywhere. But in addition, there are desires that he basically corrects, but not completely.

Parts of them are those that are not exactly prepared for correction and he allegedly accidentally kills them. In this case, man should protect himself. This is what type of connection with the environment exists that is called the “city of refuge.”

This is a very complicated system. In principle, the Torah speaks only about how we need to be interconnected with each other.

Consequently, the division of the people of Israel into 12 tribes, by tens, hundreds, and thousands in the assembly of troops, to the cities of refuge, the land of Israel itself divided into two parts, beyond Jordan and before Jordan, the Menashe tribe, half of which is beyond the Jordan and half inside the land of Israel. These are very interesting divisions.

Moreover, it is ordered in advance where each one will live.

Connection between tribes is forbidden. It seems that everything should be the other way around, everything together! No, you are in this tribe, so you can take a wife only from this tribe, live only in this area, you don’t have a right to go anywhere, or to build a house on the territory of another tribe.

On one hand, everything is enclosed by universal love, universal mutual connection, because at the entrance to the land of Israel the state of mutual love is achieved. Can’t we intermingle in this state?! No, each one has to keep his own lot and live under his own roof, under his own palm, etc.

After all, how does our body function? It exists precisely because it has completely different organs in it that work in absolutely different modes. The heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, everything works at different levels. Each of them has their own internal laws.

All the organs secrete various substances, partially incompatible with each other, and only their correct joint work is the key to a healthy living body. One doesn’t interfere in the vital activity of the other, but works strictly according to the certain pattern of connection with all the others.

And the Torah gives this rigid scheme according to which you have to, on one hand, be distanced from others and, on the other hand, be in connection with them. The correctly assembled system functions only on the confrontation between two opposite forces and on their connection above the opposition.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of Eternal Books” 12/16/15

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