Natural Self-Hatred

Laitman_409In the News ( “In a few days the Association of American anthropologists, the world’s largest academic body, is expected to decide whether to boycott Israel. 20 Israeli academics sent a letter of support: ‘encourage protests’ ‘if you will’: ‘They cut off the branch on which they sit.’”

My Comment: This is not surprising; some Jews are against anything Jewish because it puts them below their non-Jewish colleagues. Some of them are against their own people because their objection conveys their rejection of their people and they justify themselves in the eyes of the peoples of the world, even though contempt toward them remains in the nations of the world.

Hatred of their people and its history is natural because Jews are not a nation but a worldview that must be accepted by any person in the world by choice, just as in ancient Babylon they gathered around the idea of Abraham.
This worldview is anti-egoistic, meaning it is contrary to the nature of our world, against its egoism. So there is nothing more opposite than the idea of the wisdom of Kabbalah about the unification of everyone and the idea in our world about separation between everyone. Only suffering will compel humanity to understand the necessity to realize the method of Abraham.

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