A New Flood

laitman_739Question: According to a warning from a global humanitarian organization, more than a billion people will be threatened with flooding in 2060. The countries mentioned in the report were especially the USA, India, China, Bangladesh, and other countries, all which will be facing catastrophic flooding, turbulent flows, and extreme weather conditions. Will the Biblical flood reoccur?

Answer: I believe that the flood will occur much sooner. The land and sea will change gradually, and this change will lead to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and flooding. Nature will not tolerate such egoistic creatures like man anymore. We are invoking and summoning the negative motion of nature by our attitude toward one another.

Question: According to the report, the poor will suffer most, while the rich have insurance policies and can move to other places and be saved.

Answer: The rich will not have this option in the future; natural disasters will affect everyone. What is more, the disruptions will not only be ecological, but the fall will also be in many areas such as business, world commerce, family relations, culture, and science. Our ego will turn into a cancerous growth that devours itself and will kill everything.

Question: Is that good or bad?

Answer: It is good when it is on a small scale and when humanity responds immediately, “Okay, we understand! We must change and to correct our conduct.” However, if it lasts for decades, it will become bad and people not be gaining insight or becoming more sensitive, but will show that they are unreceptive and stupid.

Question: Do we see that people understand what is happening to some extent?

Answer: They don’t understand anything. The wisdom of Kabbalah, which offers us the method of overcoming the crisis, is in a pen. Despite our great efforts to tell the world about it, we are faced with a wall of mistrust, rejection, and slander. Many rise against us, not knowing what we engage in at all. Thus, the egoism that is revealed internally leads them, and they obey it unconsciously, and this is not leading us in the right direction. I don’t want to seem immodest, but many years ago we predicted the current disasters and the flooding of Europe with immigrants. I am tired of talking about that. Nothing helps.

Question: But the Creator is good and benevolent.

Answer: He is good only if we are mutually connected to Him. Unfortunately, however, we are dominated only by the egoistic force that is opposite to Him. Therefore, we have no reason to expect anything good from Him, and there is no one to whom we can pray.

We must change ourselves! We must ask for only one thing from the bottom of our hearts: to unite. After all, the entire Torah is a system aimed only at love. As it is written, “I have created the evil inclination, I have created for it the Torah as a spice, for the Light in it reforms.” The Creator is the attribute of love and bestowal that we must develop and bring into our mutual relationships because the main law of nature is “you shall love your neighbor as yourself,” but no one engages in it in our world.

Kabbalists can cry out as much as they like. They try to implement the method of unity among them, but it isn’t easy to do so in a small group. If the entire nation of Israel engaged in it, things certainly would be different. The nation of Israel must do so and set an example for all of humanity, which is what the world demands from us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/17/16

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