“By 2060 One Billion People Will Live In Permanent Flood Zones”

laitman_739In the News (vesti.ru): “The British humanitarian fund Christian Aid has compiled a list of major cities, the populations that will be most affected by the catastrophic floods and floods in the future. It turned out that because of climate change, by 2060 there will be one billion people at risk. Given the fact that about 10 billion people will be living on the planet at that time, by the rising of the level of the oceans every tenth person on Earth will suffer.

“The least fortunate will be China, India and the United States, the researchers said. …

“The governments’ priorities should be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy. Communities that could be affected the most, should think about better protecting their homes and sources of livelihood (such as agricultural fields). So, experts at Christian Aid familiar with this type of disaster… are offering to restore wetlands that can absorb excess water, to build dams and streams for a redistribution system during heavy rains and storms, and to move people from low-lying regions.

“Every dollar spent today on risk reduction and protection against natural disasters will in turn save an average family dollars, which then can be spent on the elimination of the consequences, experts predict. This means that by 2020 will have a 10-fold increase to the state budget.”

My Comment: As a result of human influence, the imbalance of nature will be revealed not just with flooding. There will be volcanic eruptions, storms, fires, extreme fluctuations of temperature, drought, epidemics, etc. All of this is the future we are creating for ourselves through the lack of balance between us.

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