Shimon Peres Is 92 Years Old

laitman_229Comment: Full of energy, 92-year-old Shimon Peres was interviewed by the paper Le Figaro in which he said: “We are witnessing the transition from an old world to a new world—the era of territoriality and conquest is coming to an end. We now have a global economy, but there is no global government yet. In the new world it is impossible to rule, you should serve.”

At the end of the interview Peres said: “People often ask me how I manage to stay so young. The answer is simple: count how many things you have managed to do and how much is left unrealized. If you have more plans than memories, you are young.”

Answer: That’s true, Peres said that very nicely. The question is what’s next? We are nearing a point in which 99% of the world population will live in great poverty. People will not be able to work because robots will do everything, and so they will only be provided with the basic necessities. A dozen rich people who control the world will begin to look for a way of cleansing our planet of poor people as quickly as possible, since why do we need people who live like that?

This stage is necessary so that people will see what egoism brings. Where is the freedom, equality, brotherhood, and happiness? Where is education and upbringing?

We have lived in the best period in human history which we can call the frozen era both in Russia and the West. Even the US realizes today that it is not going to be the same US it was in the past. We have undergone a rotting process.

Egoism has tempted, confused, and put us to sleep in order to show us that it is like a snake that devours itself. In other words, egoism has pulled us to a nice, comfortable bourgeois life. And now all this goes to purchasing drugs, unemployment, emptiness, and the awareness of our worthlessness of our existence.

Here to replace it will come more and more terrorism, a terrible state when one neither lives nor dies. Only later will humanity understand that unification above egoism is the only way we can exist.

Question: Who do you think can lead the world to unity? What attributes should such a leader have?

Answer: This person should feel the understanding of the essence of the world, the creation, its goal, its development, and trend; he should understand the general law of nature and where all this is headed.

Such a leader should feel that nature is pushing us to unite and should look for ways by which we can unite despite our ego. He should understand that the main thing is educating human society, education that leads to unity.

It won’t take long. Any leader would be able to do it if he only wants to take on this mission and introduce a universal method of education to society. People will study in their spare time. People will receive a salary and engage only in that.

This kind of education will lead only to unity by examples and exercises explaining how we should unite. Thus we will see immediate changes in society. It will be an inner revolution.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/31/16

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