Sending The Gentiles To Saudi Arabia

laitman_741_02Comment: The Chief Rabbi of Israel announced that we should deport all the gentiles to Saudi Arabia, they have no place in Israel.

Answer: As a Kabbalist, I totally agree with him. There is no room in Israel for gentiles; there is only room for Jews since the term the “Land of Israel” refers to the desire that is directed straight to the Creator, to the attribute of love and bestowal. The word “land – Eretz” refers to a desire – Ratzon, and the name “Israel” stems from the words “Yashar-El,” which mean straight to the Creator.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the terms “Torah, Israel, and Jew” are states in our world, the upper world, etc. A Jew is a person who yearns for the love of others and a gentile is a person who has no such yearning but only egoistic self-love.

Therefore according to the actual definition, there is only room for Jews in the Land of Israel, which means for those who feel the love for others, and they can be Italians, Mexicans, French, anyone. When a person begins to take others into account, which means that he transcends the internal psychological barrier, and they become close to him and not strangers, he becomes a Jew. This country is called the Land of Israel, and only our desires or the person who has corrected his desires from hatred to love, which means that he has been converted, is a Jew. The term “Jew” or “Hebrew – Ivrit” stems from the Hebrew word “Ever – to transcend,” from hate to love. All of humanity should reach this feeling of love, not only those who were born to a Jewish mother.

Jews who were born to a Jewish mother have a method of transcending from egoism to altruism, from hatred to love, which they attained in the past. Then they fell from love to hatred and have been in the state of hatred for 2,000 years. Therefore, they have to come back to life today and show the whole world how humanity rises from egoism, from hating others to love.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/28/16

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  1. Very Nice.

    a. someone needs to make sure the chief rabbi sees this

    b. who heard his message? because it certainly doesn’t help Israel’s cause and Israel needs friends..perhaps a little kabbalah would help…. and one would think that someone in a position like that..with the knowledge he must have…and the responsibility that goes along with that…would have at least explored a significant and beautiful part of his heritage

    …and all that aside….supposedly religion…all religion…at least at face value, attempts, to promote tolerance, support, and caring.. so very sorry but those statements differ very little from Muslim or Christian… extremism….

    and now another question….why does this extremism seem to be endemic in the fanatic members of all the religions tracing their roots to Abraham?…what happened here…interesting…

  2. Now the meaning of those allegedly racist passages in Tanya by the Alterrebbe becomes clear to me. A jew I suspected meant one with a purified soul. Because we have the same passages in my sufi Imam,s writing—Sins of someone with a purified soul is better than the good deeds of an ordinary pious person.

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