New Life #368 – The Heroes Of The Bible: Yael And David

New Life #368 – The Heroes Of The Bible: Yael And David
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The Biblical heroes Yael and David are human figures who, despite their weaknesses, act for the nation and its unity. What makes them special and what is demanded of them in order to win the battles of Israel?


A woman usually thinks about the wellbeing of her children. Yael acted for the wellbeing of the whole nation.

The feeling that the whole nation are her children is what gave her the power to act wisely and use her female power. Her heroism is in being able to widen her heart, to widen the boundaries of love and include the whole nation.

The idea behind the story of David and Goliath is that every ordinary person who follows his truth and the upper force will win.

A shepherd is one who leads the nation, who wants to protect the nation and to lead them to the upper force.

There is an inner war here: David defeats Goliath, acquires his enormous strength, and uses it positively. If one nation conquers another nation it absorbs its values and its spirit after a while. David is a hero for harnessing the strength of Goliath in order to follow his own way, in the positive direction. Goliath symbolizes the egoistic use of power, in order to harm people. David uses power in order to increase love. David was fueled by Goliath’s strength and then went his own way, toward love of others.
From KabTV’s “A New Life #368 – Jewish Culture: The Heroes of the Bible – Yael and David,” 5/13/14

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