Humanity Is A Closed System Of Souls

laitman_264_01Question: We don’t have much information about Kabbalists who have attained the high spiritual levels. It seems that they worked for themselves. What does humanity benefit from their work?

Answer: First all of humanity is a precise, totally closed system of souls that includes all those who have passed away, who are alive, who have not been born yet, those who are in the spiritual world, or on our level. It makes no difference where they are and in what form. The levels of nature are also included in this system: the still nature, the vegetative, and the animate levels.

In other words, all of nature is in perfect harmony, in connection and agreement in one integral schema, and so we should not separate a certain part from the rest. Everything is included in one system that is interconnected.

It makes no difference whether a person feels it or not. He is part of it! Everything depends on the mutual cooperation with this immense system, which is actually one unique general soul. It depends on how a person affects it and how he brings the general soul to the best state, to a state of perfection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/24/16

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