New Life #637 – The Power Of The Media In Shaping Reality

New Life #637 – The Power Of The Media In Shaping Reality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


For generations, communication between people continued to develop. Today the young generation is fed by what they have in their smart phones, so we have lost contact with them. The media controls everything today, and those who control the media control the world, period.

Money runs the media, which runs the world. The anti-Israeli world media coverage stems from the natural inclination to hate the Jews in addition to money. It is impossible to stop what is happening on the Internet since the Internet today is the real means of communication between people.

If the Jews were investors who felt responsibility for the PR on the Internet, we could cope with what is happening there; if we connected around the PR on the net, the connections between us could greatly contribute to our success.

We have to reveal the truth through PR instead of the lies that are spread about Israel. What is more, we have to show everyone how connected we are and thus bring goodwill into the net. We should show that true Islam speaks about “love thy friend as thyself” and that we want to connect with them; we should show the world that the Israelis are connected and that this is where our power lies, and if they learn from us, everyone will benefit from that.
From KabTV’s “New Life #637 – The Power of the Media in Shaping Reality”

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  1. I am an independent musician in South Africa, in 2011 I released a project called ‘for her sake’. How do we as content creators, with limited resources, disseminate through art without being compromised in our artistry and business integrity, without being excluded from Mainstream media outlets?

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