New Life 630 – Overcoming Terrorism In Israel

New Life 630 – Overcoming Terrorism in Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

We are very weak because we have made it possible for our enemies to be among us, to move freely everywhere. We are not prepared to control the situation and we cannot act aggressively because the world will rise up against us. Our hands are tied.

Everyone is screaming: Where is the security? Yet when we reach the government we understand the problem. The world hates us more than it hates them, so there is nothing to build on any improvement in the attitude towards us.

There is no army that can stand against terrorism; anyone can buy a knife and we are finished. We invest a lot in intelligence in order to prevent things before they break out. Without this, our situation would be much worse.

The world will resolve many of the problems that are bothering it now, and it will be freed to engage in anti-Israel conferences immediately after that. The world hates us without even knowing why; it’s because we hold the key to world happiness.

Bad relationships between us cause bad relationships between all people in the world. The method for the correction of human nature from evil to good is in our hands, but we don’t use it. To the degree that we correct ourselves, the relationships between us, the wave of terrorism will immediately calm down. Until then, we are existing by supreme grace, which is giving us a little time to understand what is happening and to correct ourselves.

Our powerful army will not save us this time, only correcting the relationships between us can calm the world down. Peace among the Jews in Israel will bring peace to the whole world; we will feel like a single unit, a single family.

Our correction will correct the whole world. Why? Because there is a network of connection between everyone, and we determine what happens in it. We are the smallest and determining part, like the brain of a large machine that determines everything that the machine carries out.

In today’s world, terrorism is becoming a government, it is derived from a deep and well-organized politics.
If we correct ourselves, if we connect between us, with this we will compel the entire world to unite and reach comprehensive peace.
From KabTV’s “New Life 630 – Overcoming Terrorism In Israel,” 10/8/15

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