Immigration To Israel Is Expected To Rise

laitman_930Question: According to recent data, Aliyah (immigration) to Israel is expected to rise significantly in 2016: 10,000 Jews are expected to come from France alone, 3,000 from the US, 7,000 from Russia and 7,000 from Ukraine. The country is getting ready to absorb them. What is the right way to do it?

Answer: Every individual first needs a place of his own where he can live normally. This is what the country should engage in, not by contractors who for a fortune build horrible homes, but a national program to build simple, assembly line model houses that can be built quickly in the desired way. People will be happy to live in them. I am for giving the newcomers a key to an apartment and a minimal allowance that they can live on so that they will gradually become part of the work force.

People who come from these countries are highly skilled and experienced professionals who have many ties and know how to work. Israel needs to remain the world technological center and has to prepare everything needed in order to achieve that so the newcomers will be able to continue working in their profession, hi-tech, etc., regardless of their place of residence. This is possible today thanks to the Internet and in many cases it is possible to operate from Israel so that the newcomers will be able to continue their work they did in the countries they came from, keep their business going, continue their studies in universities, etc. as if they have never left. This will give them a sense of security and a person will feel that he can work and communicate in his mother tongue.

Question: What can you say about the newcomers from the Kabbalistic perspective?

Answer: People who are about to make a change should listen carefully to the advice of Kabbalists. They are forced to leave their homes and thus begin to understand that there is a special dependency here, a special force of nature, a plan of nature, a destiny you cannot escape from. They have to realize that it is predetermined not only for them but also for their children, and if they wish to stop the chain of anti-Semitic hatred, they have to find out the reason for it and understand how to turn this terrible problem that seems to have no solution into the revelation of the most sublime secrets in the world, in the transitions of all of humanity to a new dimension.

Then it will be revealed that the essence of the religion that the Jewish nation brought the world in all its forms: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc., all the faiths and everything there is, is only the preface of the great depths of the wisdom of Kabbalah, of the attainment of the upper secrets of nature, and on the basis of this knowledge, the transition to the next dimension.

Question: Do you believe that the ordinary people who come to Israel will be able to acquire this wisdom?

Answer: The have to, everyone has to, not only the Jews! We can do it very quickly because the force of nature only waits for the slightest attempt to be activated on our part, for the push of the start button, and then everything will begin to move.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/4/16

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