Envy, The Main Motivation For Connection On The Social Networks

laitman_959Research (from UBC): “A new study by Sauder School of Business Professor Izak Benbasat and his collaborators shows that envy is a key motivator behind Facebook posts and that contributes to a decrease in mental well-being among users.

“Creating a vicious cycle of jealousy and self-importance, the researchers say Facebook leads users to feel their lives are unfulfilling by comparison, and react by creating posts that portray their best selves. …

“Benbasat says the functionality of social networks encourages envy-inducing behaviour, and that’s unlikely to change.”

My Comment: At the heart of human nature is a desire to enjoy fulfillment through: food, sex, family, wealth, honor, and knowledge. Nature (the Creator) wanting to develop creations, awakens selfish internal development (natural) and external, a feeling of envy in them.

As we develop, the importance of external influence increases. So we quickly come to a feeling of emptiness —the lack of fulfillment from our world as a whole and a need to search for content outside of it. Therefore, the social networks are booming.

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