Expelling Greece From Schengen

Laitman_728_01Question: Austria is proposing to expel Greece from the Schengen area (the community southeast of Luxembourg located next to the triangular borders of Luxembourg, France and Germany).

The Austrian Interior Minister demanded that Greece, already burdened with debt and problems, close its sea and land borders with Turkey and prevent the flow of refugees who are penetrating Greece from Turkey and going on to Europe.

How realistic is the Austrian demand, and what can Greece, Turkey, and Europe do about this situation?

Answer: Turkey is not interested in stopping the flow of refugees or limiting it in any way. On the contrary, it is interested in allowing the maximal flow of Muslims into Europe because it is a Muslim nation.

Greece is not able to close its borders, not merely because it has a weak army, but because it is has hundreds of islands.If a boat with immigrants come to the shore to some of the island, would each island be equipped with a military force? Each of the islands has a pair of police officers, but they can not and will not. What will they do against the usual 30-40 healthy youths who get off a boat?

Question: So the European Union wants to sever Greece from Europe so that the refugees will remain in Greece?

Answer: Certainly, I understand that Europe very simply solves its problems at the expense of the weak. It has a very direct, practical, and strict approach. It immediately does what is beneficial to it, without delay.

However, the issue is not about Greece. The EU well aware that if the migrants don’t pass through Greece, they will look for other nations to cross through. We see how these people are going by a circuitous route to Murmansk and continuing on from there. Arabs are coming from warm Middle Eastern countries by way of cold Russia. It is difficult for me to imagine how they won’t freeze on the way and die.

It is not possible to stop this flow. It will not make any difference how many parliamentary meetings will be held. This will not bring any results because millions of people are already on the way, and they will clear their way by all means and methods. Along with millions of migrants, the fighters of Daesh also will pass through.

In fact, Europe has brought itself to a situation in which it is already occupied. In comparison to its power and solidarity (more precisely, its lack of solidarity), the mass that has already filled Europe is sufficient to do what it wants there.

The migrants will pass through the process of absorption and adaptation. They will settle and rapidly put down roots because they are not pretentious. Then, they will begin to bow Europe under them.

Europe itself will let them do this. In the wisdom of Kabbalah and in the books of the prophets, it is said that Ishmael, which represents Islam, will conquer Europe and dominate it.

Question: Not long ago, I returned from Bulgaria, and I was convinced that the social opinion is very clear there. The Bulgarians are not prepared to allow the migrants into their country, and indeed they are not found there.

The same thing is happening in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia; while in Norway, Sweden, and Germany, they are opening up their countries to the migrants, without taking any effective means against it. How is it possible to explain that the various peoples of Europe are not behaving in a similar and unequivocal manner?

Answer: It is difficult for us to understand this because we have not gone through the entire process of social development of the Western European nations, especially that of Scandinavia, which has become so socialist that it can no longer change back.

Question: For the Scandinavians, there is no longer anything to want. I asked the Norwegians what their children want, and they could not answer the question. In these nations, there is only foreign labor at work. The local residents don’t even understand what to do in life. Their future seems entirely arranged to them.

Answer: This is happening at the present time until the foreign workers become the masters. That is usually how it happens in history. Europe was once conquered by the Romans. After that, the Romans became weaker and Europe conquered them. The present historical period is typified by the spread of Islam over Europe, exactly as Europe once wanted to extend itself over the Islamic nations.

From a historical point of view, there is nothing new in this, but the period ahead is shocking to us because Europe is the center of culture and developed civilization that is going through a wild fall.

There is no remedy that will help anymore, except for one: It is only if all of the civilizations and religions will understand that the future must be in resembling nature, and that nature, the Creator or whatever you want to call it, is demanding that we become integrally linked with each other. If we don’t achieve this, we will constantly receive all kinds of blows.

We already see that we cannot control and manage the connections, resources, and systems that we ourselves have created in human society. We cannot continue to exist normally. A decline in morality and all human values is happening.

We are not giving anything to our children and have ourselves reached a common understanding that there is no need to raise a family, to reproduce, and no need to educate children. We have reached a situation where the system is beginning to bury itself.

The result is that we understand that resemblance and equivalence to nature, about which the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks, is the correct and singular solution to the problem. So, we must take an example from nature. This could happen after many blows and wars, and it could happen much sooner if people would begin to listen to the Kabbalists and we were to create the correct society. In any case, humanity must break this deadlock. We hope that humanity will achieve this with only a minimum of suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/28/16

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  1. Why are you talking about Europe and the Middle East in physical terms? From everything I have learned from your lectures, Kabbalah deals with the spiritual world and only the spiritual world. For example, from your lectures, Europe represents one aspect of the desire to receive, Turkey is another aspect etc. Why are you talking in physical terms if Kabbalah has nothing to do with the physical?
    Thank you so much for your assistance.

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