New Life 501 – The Real Purpose Of The Bible


New Life 501 – The Real Purpose Of The Bible
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The Bible is the book of life. It tells us how to ascend above our ordinary attitude to life and how to flow in one current, like a river in which a person connects to the water and flows in it.

We all know the stories of the Bible on one level or another, but few understand its uniqueness. The Bible isn’t a book that teaches us history or geography, and it isn’t a book of laws, either. The Bible is the book of life and it has the power to affect the reader so that by reading it he changes and discovers that it is about himself and that everything in the Bible is inside him.

The Bible is written in a code that must be deciphered, and in order to deeply understand it, we must learn a new language, the language of bestowal. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, bestowal means to bestow abundance.

Bestowal is a special, internal attribute of giving that is not easy to acquire. A person who acquires it is in a reality of love of others and is called a Kabbalist.

One may be confused and think that we also feel love of others now, but if we look at ourselves without embellishing things, we will discover that alongside the love we have of others, there is always a certain level of self-pleasure, a pleasant feeling, satisfaction, and so on. Our nature doesn’t allow us to love unilaterally without receiving anything in return. When a person ascends above his nature, a new channel of perception, thinking, and of feeling opens up for him, and he begins to live in an embrace with the Bible.

It is only through the attribute of love, through the connection between us, that we can open the Bible correctly. We are called the people of the Book, and we have the responsibility to open the Bible and learn its internality. This is the reason that we must ascend to a state of total bestowal, love of others, love of the world, and then we will understand what it says. This revelation is possible only through connection and love that are attained by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, there is no need for any special intelligence or sublime attributes. The only thing you need is a desire.
From KabTV’s “New Life 501 — The Real Purpose Of The Bible,” 1/15/16

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  1. Where is a Kabbalah centre in Perth Western Australia?

  2. Considering the challenges, complexities and dilemmas of our free world, a lot of the Bible texts are rather dogmatic, outdated and misleading. This is particularly evident in comparison with the wisdom of the eternal truths of the Kabbalah.
    I don’t agree with your thesis that “revelation is possible only through connection and love … ” and that ” there is no need for any special intelligence or sublime attributes”. Because the term revelation takes on a different meaning in the time of entirely new revolutionary knowledge and disruptive technologies, changing the level of consciousness and biological and spiritual nature of man.

  3. You state that the bible is a code of life.
    This is excellent. When you state of the bible
    Do you mean the original bible or the the bible that has been rewritten by humanity.
    Would like to read the bible in its original form
    Of the bible, not the rewritten bible where the words have been changed.

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