25 Years Of The Internet

laitman_959Question: We have gotten so used to living with the Internet, and it has only been around for a total of 25 years. It was created in 1990, designed for the employees of the secret European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), and then it began to spread throughout the world.

Why did it develop so rapidly and how has this already encompassed the whole world?

Answer: First, this is a very convenient communications system between people that doesn’t obligate anyone to anything; this is the most important thing: to nobody and for nothing!

Second is the speed. The moment I press a button and send you a letter, you receive it and can respond immediately. I remember when I corresponded with my parents in Canada, it was a problem to write a letter, wait for an answer, and so forth. But now this  just takes a few minutes.

In addition, the Internet is with both audio and video, an illusion of direct communication, while you and I are at two ends of the Earth we see each other, talk, we only don’t smell each other. All forms of communication between us already exist; we send each other all kinds of contracts, lectures, decrees, orders, photographs, films, anything possible.

Today we cannot get along without this means of communication. Our world is always a reflection of the system of relationships that manifests in people, and at present we have achieved an integral, connected world.

Question: Does this mean that an inner demand has appeared in us?

Answer: Certainly! Necessarily! This is an inner demand of a person! This is necessary and imperative for us.

The Internet was established to show people that they have a means for direct communication with everyone, but they don’t know how to communicate correctly. This is the biggest problem, and the Internet reveals it. Look at what it is filled with and what it does.

It externally reveals all of the dirt of the inner states of a person so we can see who we are! We gradually accumulate this “garbage” and sometimes we look at it, are shocked, and decide that it is necessary to do something about it; it is necessary to clean our “stables.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/23/15

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