The Murderer Is The Man Of The Year

Laitman_632_4Comment: In the December issue of Time magazine, their “Person of the Year” was announced. This year Chancellor Angela Merkel won the title. Runner up was awarded to the leader of the terrorist organization ISIS Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Answer: The “Person of the Year” is chosen according to his influence on the world, according to how many speak about him, and not according to the quality of his policies, if they are useful or good or not, rather it is how much he advertises himself. While Angela Merkel is a soft and gentle woman, Baghdadi is a man who is ready to slaughter everyone, so should he be the “Person of the Year.” It is typical in our world that such characters are accepted as heroes. I would even say epochal.

The idea is that he should be in first place. Who is setting the world revolution, driving it? It is him. Who is Angela Merkel in comparison to him? He has founded a very strong worldwide nation. If this goes even further, and we ignore the wisdom of Kabbalah, that tells us the way the world must reach its completion of correction, he will build a worldwide caliphate. On the background of modern democracy, which is to say chaos, anarchy, and all the rest, he is perceived as prominent, clear, and predictable. If we take the model of Time it appears that he is the man around whom the entire world has turned this year.

Comment: You said that the main thing is not to let him set up a state.

Answer: Yes, but he has already set it up and that is the problem. So it is not necessary to fight somewhere, but there, where he is building this nation, cut them out at the root, so that a totally clear place will be left. It is possible to do this through very large common efforts. And meanwhile the world is playing with democracy, each one involved only with gathering his political capital at the expense of others. They constantly gather for G20 or G8 forums, while he alone goes out and appears against them saying, “I will slaughter all of you.” And they cannot decide on anything.

Very serious forces of connection and unity are required here. There is no second Al-Baghdadi who would unite them all and say: “to hell with your democracy; death is approaching you in the form of Baghdadi and his associates; you must stand against them seriously. They are already found with you in your home. What can you do? What is left for you? You need to annihilate them, if this is still possible at all. Through your policies and all kinds of calculations you are trying to undermine each other, and that is how you are making it possible for the enemy to plant a stake in your territory, and today it has already become very difficult to overcome this.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/11/15

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