Life And Pleasure, Part 3


Thought Is Capable of Destruction and Construction

Question: Is thought also a matter of desire?

Answer: Thought is a very powerful desire, the strongest force in creation, stronger than an atomic bomb. We just do not know how to use it.

Our thoughts are so small and superficial that there is no power in them. But if we could rise to the level of true thought, the intention, attained through the wisdom of Kabbalah, it would be possible to build the worlds. It is said, “Everything will be clarified through thought.”

Through thought, all of creation can be transformed; we can make our world anything we want. With the help of thought we can influence other galaxies and distant stars. It is the most powerful force.

Question: How is it possible that the power of thought could be more intense than an atomic bomb if it is possible to obliterate everything with a bomb?

Answer: Thought is capable of destruction and revitalizing, building, and creating. Through thought we can create like the Creator, just through thought alone.

Question: Can you give an example of this type of action in our world?

Answer: In the meantime there are no examples of this type in our lives because the power of thought I am speaking about is the power of bestowal, giving. For this it is necessary to reach a state in which the higher energy will pass through us. We become a lens that focuses this energy and can influence all of reality.

Imagine that we have a focusing lens through which all the energy of the universe passes. And we can use this lens and determine where it will be directed. Thus we are building a new world.

Question: What is this energy? Isn’t this the energy of the sun?

Answer: No, this is the energy of thought, intention, which depends on what I want to do. If I want to carry out good deeds like bestowal, giving a gift, creating a new and good creation, then I get this power at my disposal.

Even in our world, if a person thinks about good, he becomes better. But we are not talking about this but about something supernatural that we can use.

It is possible to extract these forces from nature so that each one of us will become the master of this intense power. We will become creatures who are not limited by any physical framework: not time, movement, or space.

The border between this world and the upper world will disappear; we will rise above life and death, all of this thanks to control over this unique energy that is found in the world. We will be ready to manage it if we become bestowers, lovers, and connected together correctly.

Each one of us now lives separately and therefore we have no power. We are not ready to connect with each other, so we don’t allow this energy to enter into our system.

If this energy were to enter between us and begin to flow and grow in it, it would attract us into a vortex of goodness. We will feel very rapidly that we are in the higher dimension.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/29/15

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